Superstars from both Raw and SmackDown Live will collide to see who will claim the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy. The action begins before WrestleMania, with a special two-hour WrestleMania Kickoff at 5 ET/2 PT on the award-winning WWE Network. Watch WWE Wrestlemania 33 Live Stream Online Kickoff in the videos below from the WWE Official YouTube Channel-

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Road to WrestleMania: United States Champion Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens | They were best friends. Now they're bitter enemies. Jericho and Owens finally collide at WrestleMania 33.
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Hard-hitting history between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar | Will Goldberg go 3-0 against Brock Lesnar, or will Paul Heyman's Beast Incarnate take the Universal Title? Find out at WrestleMania, streaming live this Sunday on the award-winning WWE Network.
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Tian Bing is excited to compete at WrestleMania 33: 4K Exclusive, April 2, 2017 | Tian Bing, the first-ever Chinese recruit in WWE's history, is eager to compete in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal during the WrestleMania Kickoff.

Goldberg (c) vs Brock Lesnar Live - WWE WrestleMania 33 matches [Watch Online]

Goldberg (c) vs. Brock Lesnar Live - WWE WrestleMania 33 matches [Watch Online]

Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar is perhaps among the most anticipated fit about the WrestleMania 33 card. While there might be some further storylines set-to play out, including Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton or Triple H vs. Seth Rollins, this can be a suit that can captivate all fans, hardcore and casual.Goldberg vs. Lesnar is a history which could have simply been left previously. After their terrible match at WrestleMania XX, it felt pretty likely that we’d never see these two face off again. But here we're 13 years later, March of 2017, and we’re preparing to learn their second encounter in a matter of five months, excluding the Royal Rumble.

This match will likely be a vision it does not matter how it plays out, but there are some items which might then add extra spice to the very-anticipated attack. WWE are no strangers to function-ins, flawed finishes, or matches that continue for means longer or faster than expected (considering you, Goldberg vs. Brock at Survivor Series).So what are some possible surprises that could arise once the two conflict in Orlando on April 2nd?No 5 Goldberg wins in another squash match.

Goldberg spears Brocklesnar enroute to his 1 minute 26-second Survivor Series victory
Goldberg vs. Lesnar at Survivor Series presented us among the biggest surprises of 2016. Heading to the match, it looked complicated to believe that Goldberg could win. In the end, he'd been WWE’s easy beast for such a long time, what were chances he'd drop with a 50-year old who hadn’t moved into a group in more than 12 years?Well, not merely did Goldberg acquire, he focused. He put Lesnar down in merely a time and 26 seconds.

After which in the Royal Rumble, he made it happen again, reducing Lesnar less than 30 seconds after he entered the ring.Heading into WrestleMania, Lesnar benefiting from revenge seems like one of the most likely scenario. But proponents were shocked at Survivor Series and somewhat amazed again at the Royal Rumble, so who’s to convey we won’t be shocked again?it may look like stupid to call it a surprise when Goldberg judgment Lesnar has happened twice in five days, but the cause people generally aren’t expecting this to take place is basically because the work could easily get dull if ordered this way for a third-time. Goldberg squashing Lesnar again can’t be eliminated, nonetheless it might qualify as a surprise.

With WrestleMania 33 all set to invade Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida this coming Sun., April 2, 2017, live on pay-per-view (PPV) along with the WWE Community, it's time to go about making predictions for your biggest display of the year. The match card is filled out and our team of realized blowhards gives their best guess on who is likely to emerge victorious this weekend.

But instead to do this all in one post and providing you with a wall of text and 5,000 words to read through, we will give the top suits their particular article, then cover the mid-card, then the undercard.